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You will not be able to book last minute appointments online.

However, this does not mean we don't accept

last minute appointments?

 It just means you should call to see if we are available for a last minute or short notice. 

Hitting us up for a last minute session/short notice to get a massage sending us a text you have a 50/50 chance of getting on our table!

If we are working on a client we will return your call after we finish a session,

please leave a message, if you don't hear back from us after an hour or 90 minutes

call back and send a text.   

By NOT hitting us up for that last minute session,

you have effectively increased you chance of NOT getting on our table 100%

Welcome To

FEEL the BODY massage therapy & bodywork

Located in the Midway District of San Diego.  Providing both in-studio massage sessions in our home as well as mobile service at your home, hotel room or office.

Our names are Bryan and Andy.  We have been working together for over 14 years, specializing in a Tandem (4 Hand) Massage, the ultimate massage experience.  Also providing 1 on 1 therapeutic massage sessions and  on-site chair massage. 

Both  of us are Holistic Health Practitioners in Integrative Bodywork and Certified Massage Therapist, graduated from Mueller College in  2015.  At FEEL the BODY you can feel comfort knowing that we are trained and experienced in many massage  modalities,  Swedish,  Thai, Tuina,  Shiatsu,  Reflexology,  Deep Tissue and more.  We utilize a synergistic approach combining  the different techniques with some Resistance Stretching and  Breathwork.  Each session is customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

Performed on a professional massage table with fresh linens, heated unscented coconut oil in a comfortable, relaxed environment with soft music playing in the background.  Upon completion sanitized warm towels are used to remove any excess oil from your body.

Our vision is that each and every individual that we provide the gift of touch, leaves their session renewed, relaxed and with an inner sense of peace and tranquility.  Our intention is for them to FEEL the BODY stress and pain free.

Enhanced Services

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?  With the use of suction cups on areas of the body where tension or inflammation is located, cupping draws the skin in to the cylinder, doing a combination of things at the same time, first of all pulling the muscles into the cup in an isolated area stretching the skin and muscles where you feel the knot or knots, which tend to form from a small tear in a muscle or injury, and as the body heals it sends to much of the nutrients like calcium to the area, causing the muscle fibers to lay down improperly creating knots.  . To  stop the body from continueing to send nutrients to the area, you have to get the body to stop recognizing that their is damage to the muscle.  So the cups create a isolated stretching response which brings fresh blood and nutrients to the area, when you release the cup the muscles can now lay down properly the fresh blood and nutrients flooding the area help  in creating a warming sensation that helps in healing by drawing in more fresh blood and nutrients helping to release stagnant toxins or qi, that cause inflammation.

There is no charge for this enhancement during one of  our general massage sessions.

As a stand-alone treatment                          $60.00

 Full Body Salt Scrub

What is a full body salt scrub do?  

Salt scrub cleans and rejuvinates your skin as it removes the dull dry dead skin cells from your body, it can aid in helping reduce acne breakouts, at the same time the ruff scrubbing sensation increases circulation of  fresh blood, oxygen and

other nutrients, into your skins surface to give you that glowing healthy skin that just feels and looks great.   

With the infusion of Organic Honey and the combination of Aromatherapy oils that we use help to calm the mind, relax muscles, and  melt away your tension, add in the (unscented) Coconut Oil to hydrate the skin, which helps to achieve  that baby soft skin feeling, last of all a couple of special ingredients to help balance the PH of the skin.

Giving you that radient glowing younger looking and feeling skin.

Add a Full Body Salt Scrub with a massage treatment


As a stand-alone treatment



Looking for a hair cut, that your standard hair stylist just won't do? 

While your hair on your head might be thinning, the hair down there is thick and unmanagable.  You got  it the back, crack and sack is no place for wax.  "Ouch"

Feel a little awkward about the overgrown hedge, we know trimming yourself is difficult and often feels like you might as well be playing Marco Polo in a pool full of tiger sharks and you have a razor blade crossing the underside of your "yes you have to be nutz".  You remember your parents saying don't run with scissors in your hand!  

Body Trimming for Men by Men.  

Send a text or call for more information about body trimming.

Ultrasound Wand Therapy

The use of pulsed high frequency sound waves that are transferred to specific areas with a sound-head probe.  The pulsed sound waves and a warming sensation that travel deep helping to relax smooth muscles cells, widening the viens and arteries.  Increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, and removes cell wastes.

Can help with decreasing muscle soreness and improving high blood pressure.

There is no charge for this enhancement during one of our general massage sessions

The massage your body needs.

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